The Power of Transformation


Anah Maa offers a combination of Spiritual Awakening and Energy Transformation in each Session that is an effective and powerful way to quickly bring the changes in your life that you have been seeking.  

By receiving a vibrational healing on all levels; physical, emotional, spiritual and on the past and present - your patterns, beliefs, fears, and blocks can be dissolved and released quickly and completely.  

With Anah Maa working vibrationally, all healing is occurring at the core level.  During your Sessions, she will help you see and quickly move through what is behind defeating habits and patterns, unhealthy relationships, fears and confusion, creating a new level of awareness and an elevated view of your Divine Nature. 

 Your greatest life is here for you.  It is your time! 

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Guiding Me to Me

 "Anah IS divine love and wisdom. I am so grateful for her guidance in helping me to see ME, blasting old paradigms and waking up to the real divinity that I am. My awakening experience is so new, unfamiliar in a way, and yet so "YES, this is home." I now see my old self melting away from this world's expectations that I had believed to be true, and that had imprisoned me. Anah knows the way to freedom. It's beautiful. Thank you Anah, from the bottom of my heart."  Joy L.   

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Able to Release So Much

“Since I came across Anah Maa’s work, nothing has been the same again!  Week by week I was able to release so much.  This came at a crucial time when I had to deal with some challenging family matters.  Not only has she helped me with letting go of stuff I didn’t need anymore, but I’m now also able to receive a great deal more.  Her great wisdom and gentle way of bringing it across is truly a blessing. I can recommend her with all my heart!”  Linda Jud   

anah maa, testimonial, review, love, session, counseling, mentoring, coaching, empowerment, awaken


"My session with Anah Maa was exactly what I needed. I am eternally grateful for her gift and love. To put into words the levels and layers of healing that were addressed is not possible. She opened me up to me. Imagine having layers or veils of illusionary fear blocking you. And an angel of light removing them and holding a mirror up to show you and remind you of your own light and purpose. Thank you Anah Maa! Daily I witness the lightness of freedom once again!!! I'm doing the work!!!!" Amy St. Michael   

Sessions with Anah Maa

Personal Session


This Personal Session with Anah Maa will help you open to your true Authentic Self.  Connecting with your Divine Self is the beginning to living your Greatest Life! 

For more information about how to schedule a Session, Rescheduling and our Cancellation Policy, click here.

3 Month Personal Session


Anah Maa is currently offering Intensive one-on-one Personalized Programs tailored specifically to accelerate your evolutionary process - for select clients that are committed to achieving their Greatest Divine Expression.  

This 3 Month Experiential with Anah Maa includes up to 8 Private Sessions, Deep Personal Mentoring and 3 Months access to daily Light Activations and Vibrational Support.  

3 Month Session Testimonials


Free to Dance with Life!

"What a journey it has been to have Anah assist & support me in seeing Who I AM, what I need to leave behind - old stories, thoughts & beliefs, where I give my power away. I have more self-awareness, & am more aware of synchronicities in my life, as well as taking the time to acknowledge & appreciate ALL.   I also had my Soul Song channeled by her partner, Ray. The combination is freeing my Soul that we may be free to dance & I am DEEPLY grateful. I feel lighter & freer to dance with Life."    Joelle B.     

Balinese Frangipani

In Bali with Anah Maa

“Visiting the Pure Besakih Mother Temple on Bali with Anah was an amazing experience.  Since that day she’s been with me in my heart and in my mind.   

Anah took me by the hand and showed me the key to open up the Gateway. We both were on other ends of this planet talking on Skype and we connected somewhere where our souls traveled together through the Universe and beyond, where time and space does not exist...  

Tele-experiences (by phone, Skype or online) are amazing, it is something you have to experience yourself.  Anyone who’s been there will tell you, no words will ever be able to describe it.  It is something that will shift your beliefs forever.   

My dearly beloved Anah, you are a great teacher, a great spiritual guide, an angel on earth. “You are so fun to play with,” you always say to me.  I pray that God will let us play forever. 

Michael Pilarczyk   Motivational Speaker, Success Coach and Writer Amsterdam, Europe 


Sessions with Anah Maa

"I can only say this lady is the divine goddess, she is absolutely amazing. Transformed my life. She goes right into your heart and soul and shifts energies.

I have healed more wounds around the feminine, and gone more into my heart centre and love in 3 sessions with Anah Maa than in all my other healing and training. See her now while she is still on this planet."   

Warren Black 

A New Experiential Offered: Embrace the Divine Within

3 Empowering Experientials on MP3 Aligning You with the Center of Your Power


Your Divine Self awaits you as you begin to experience the most important aspects of being your Divine Self. 

* The Healing Power of Love

*  The Transformative Power of Self 


*  Awakening the Divine Within

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Activations, Healing, Transformative Journeys - MP3s

Actualizing the Master Within You

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4 Powerful Activations 

MP3s with Transformative Sound/Music

Anah Maa's new MP3 Series

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Awakening to Your Divine Perfection


4 Experientials with Anah Maa as she guides you to your Divine Heart with Sound, Transcendence and Sacredness

Full Description

Remembering Your Divine Magnificence

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4 Sacred Activations includes 1 bonus to Empower You  and guide you Home to Your Authenic Self. 

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The Power of Self Love

Activation, healing, soul, love, ascension, manifest, self love, empowerment,  anah maa, meditation

The Power of Self Love brings you directly into the experience of true love, both human love and Divine Love. 

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7 Sacred Initiations

Light Activation, healing, soul, love, joy, ascension, anah maa, awakening, empowerment, attunement

This series of 7 Sacred Initiations with Anah Maa will catapult you to a whole new frequency of Love, Light, Joy and Grace! And Accelerate your Ascension. 

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7 Sacred Activations

7 sacred activations, anah maa, light, energy, mp3, healing, love, soul, transformation, meditation

The Power of Soul Transformation 7 MP3s of Live Activations with Anah Maa.  Contains full Vibrational Power!

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About Anah Maa


Anah Maa is an Empowering Evolutionary Teacher bringing back the Light of Unconditional Sacred Love to create Global Harmony.  Anah Maa travels the world with her mission of love and compassion, to transform energy and consciousness back into the highest form of Prema.  

Since 1999 Anah Maa has transformed countless lives by empowering them to reconnect to their Divine Truth.

Anah Maa is the founder of the Prema Sai Maa Center for Global Resources / The Ultimate Gift Foundation for Spiritual Enlightenment, a non-profit 501 (c) 3, is the Creator of Actualizing the Master Within Course, she is a Master Healer and Author of “The Light at the End of the Tunnel.”

 Scheduling a Session with Anah Maa

Select the Personal Session or the 3 Month Intensive from the Appointment Section. This will take you to our live online scheduler.  Select your desired time and date.  Upon selection, a secure payment gateway will open for you.  Once your payment is made, your appointment is confirmed!  

Please look in your inbox for a confirmation email containing all your call-in details.  Also, we will send you a friendly reminder 24 hours before your appointment.

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