Embrace the Divine Within

3 Empowering Experientials on MP3

With the guiding voice of Anah Maa

and Transcendent Music


The Healing Power of Love

 In this first experiential, Anah Maa takes you deep into the Temple of Om, a sacred omnidimensional temple as Sacred Sound and Light where Divine Love and Divine Light bathes you, healing your body, mind and spirit. 

 Delving deeply into the Heart of God where you are Loved; you begin to experience that you, too, are truly Love. 


The Transformative Power of Self Forgiveness

 In this powerful session, Anah Maa takes you to the Great Cosmic Fire where you let go of and transcend your fears, doubts and places within where there may be unseen unforgiveness holding you hostage to the past.

 Set yourself free!

Everything you ever dreamed of for your life is yours.

The Love, Peace and Joy you’ve been looking for is within you. 

Say Yes!


Awakening the Divine Within


You are a powerful Being of Light, of Love. It is time to claim your Truth. It is time to stand in the Light of Love as your Supreme Self. 

 Using the power of Sound, Light, and Infinite Love, Anah Maa takes you deep within, to the Divine Within. 


During this 30 minutes of transformational journeying inward, you are invoking the Divine Within to come and play, to be felt, to be seen and to merge with your Consciousness so that you can live life as your Greatest Self.

The Divine is within you. It is you.

Embrace the Divine Within 3 MP3 set offered to you $79 USD