The Transformational Power of Self Love

Remembering You Home


The Transformational Power of Self Love: Remembering You Home with Anah Maa is an empowering Activation experiential and Confirmation of your true Divine nature.

Anah Maa will open your entire Luminous Energy Field while awakening your Chakras, transforming energies that no longer serve you and activating your remembrance of Who You Are and why You are here.

With gentle Prema Love, Anah Maa will take you deep into your Sacred Self as the doors of your heart are opened wide and you remember your way Home. 

 It is recommended that you prepare for this Activation by sitting in a quiet space, relaxing in a meditative position or lying down with the intention of connecting with your True Self and your full power. You can also use headphones to enhance your experience.  

Activation time is 53 minutes.

The Transformational Power of Self Love


One MP3 Recording of a Live Group Event


We will send you an email containing the link to download your MP3s.  If you are purchasing outside the US, it may take a little longer due to time differences.  Maximum time, 8 hours.

The Transformational Power of Self Love $22