Awakening to Your Divine Perfection

4 Transformative MP3s with Voice/Sound / Music

Recorded in Divine Love Productions Studio

"I highly recommend you take these journeys into your Infinite Self.  Ray's gift with healing music and Anah Maa's angelic voice will transport you to a feeling of the womb, to pure love's radiance, gaining clearings, healing and transformative expansion.  I deeply thank you both Anah Maa and ~Ray~ for these gifts.  I come out so incredibly relaxed and bathed in light."  

Amy St. Michael, Life Coach and Counselor 


Awakening to Your Divine Perfection

Awakening to Your Divine Perfection is the first in a Series of MP3s where you will experience Sacred Sound, Harmonics and the most Natural Frequency that is the very frequency of the Universe, of Nature and your own DNA. It is the frequency of Divine Energy, of Divine Love and it resonates to the frequency of 432 Hz.

When we tap into this Divine Flow, we feel in Balance, we feel life flowing to the Rhythm of Perfect Harmony.



Transcendence is a 22 Minute Experiential of Sounds, Chants and Energy all embedded in the Divine Frequency of 432 Hz. Allow yourself to go deep within the Harmonic Flow of Divine Love.

Chant with the Sounds, tone with the OM, give voice to your Sacred Sound. Your Sound is a Gateway into the Divine Flow, the All That Is. Merge into this Divine Flow and allow your Consciousness to Transcend deeper and Higher than ever before.


Awakening to Your Infinite Self

Awakening Your Infinite Self takes you deep into your own spiritual bodies to help you to awaken and remember Who You really are. The loving Voice of Anah Maa will raise your vibration to receive the wisdom and knowledge from within that your Soul wishes for you to understand. 

This Music is created in the Universal Flow frequency of 432Hz to help bring you into balance and into the flow of Infinite Love. 


Soulformation: The Experience of Soul Transformation

As we awaken and discover Who we are, what is the road that lies ahead? How do we find liberation from karma and hidden chambers within us that have held us back from becoming all that we can be?

Experience your own Transformation as you listen to and experience the Sound of Anah Maa's voice as it takes you into the realms and through the portals of Grace, Love and Forgiveness.


Awakening to your Divine Perfection 4 MP3 Series

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